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When entering into a marriage or civil partnership it is natural to have some questions, from the process of booking and arranging a ceremony through to how things will operate on the day itself. Below are our most common FAQs to help you navigate any questions you may have. If you can’t find the answer to your question on this website or in the list below you can ask a question of your own using the link at the bottom of this page.

Common FAQs

What happens if the information we gave when we gave notice has now changed?

There are some details that are expected may change such as address and occupation. If these details change before the day of your wedding, there is nothing you need to do. You do not need to bring any documents to support those changes; you just need to confirm them with the Registrar at the pre-ceremony interview. If anything else changes, you must contact the Register Office as soon as possible.

Do we have to bring ID with us on the day?

No. Just bring yourselves, your guests and your witnesses!

Do we need a rehearsal before the ceremony?

In our experience we have found that once you have discussed the details of your ceremony with your Registrar, there is no requirement for a rehearsal so this is not something we currently offer. The Registrar will explain what is going to happen during the ceremony at your pre-ceremony interview and answer any questions you may have. The process is relatively simple and our team of experienced Registrars will easily guide you through the ceremony.

What happens if we are late?

It is vitally important that you and your guests arrive in plenty of time so your ceremony can start on time. We do understand that sometimes things don’t always go to plan and if you are late we will always try to accommodate your party. However, the Registrar team can perform a number of ceremonies on any one given day, therefore if you arrive late we may not be able to perform your ceremony if doing so will affect subsequent customer bookings made for the same day.

Someone in our party needs special access, what facilities are available?

There is disabled parking, access and toilet facilities available at the Register Office should you choose to have a statutory ceremony or a ceremony within the Wrekin Suite. If you are having your ceremony at one of our approved venues, please check what access facilities they have available direct.

Can we include religious readings, text or hymns and music?

Registrars can only perform civil ceremonies, which must be free of all religious connotations, meaning no religious text or hymns can be included in the ceremony. Depending on your ceremony type, if you have the option to include personal reading, promises and music choices – these will be subject to checks by the Registrar team to ensure they are appropriate for the ceremony, in order to comply with the Marriage Act 1995.

Can our pet be a ring bearer?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the Register Office – we only allow guide dogs, hearing dogs and other assistance animals. If you are having your ceremony at one of our approved venues, please check what animals they allow direct.

Do we need witnesses?

Witnesses are required to observe you make your verbal contract of marriage and to sign the marriage or civil partnership register. A minimum of 2 witnesses are required to be present through the ceremony – please note Registrar staff cannot serve for this purpose so you must bring 2 nominated witnesses with you aged 16 years or above. Please do not involve the witnesses with any other roles during the ceremony (such as taking photographs or looking after young children) which may distract them.

What name should I sign in when we sign the schedule?

You should always sign the registration in the name you are using at the time. If you are planning to change your name once you are married or a civil partner, you could consider this to be the last time you sign in your old name.

How do we get our marriage/civil partnership certificate?

Upon booking your ceremony you will automatically be charged an £11 fee for one certificate, which will be posted out to you within 15 days of the ceremony. If you require additional certificates you can order these through your customer booking account.

Can we have confetti at the end of the ceremony?

We allow biodegradable confetti in the garden courtyard of the Register Office, should you wish to include that in post ceremony congratulations! If you are having your ceremony at one of our approved venues, please check whether they allow confetti and any other decoration queries you have direct.

Is there any difference between a same and opposite sex couple ceremony?

No. We deliver the same ceremony to same and opposite sex couples except for using different gender pro-nouns.

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